Double Cone Quarterly
A Window on the Wilderness
Fall Equinox 2001 || Volume IV, Number 3

Some More Historical Maps
From the Library of Congress

Phil Williamson


Y ou might recall that back in the Spring Equinox 2000 issue of the Double Cone Quarterly we shared with you some images of the Northern Santa Lucia Mountains/Big Sur Coast area from historical maps of California drawn from the Library of Congress' digital collections, which are gathered together at the LoC's amazing American Memory website. Well, the editors of the DCQ were lounging around our plush offices here in the penthouse suite at VWA Towers, drinking tequila and wasting time surfing the net as is our custom, when we came upon a couple of fascinating maps which we missed last time. So we decided to do a followup to the SE '00 article so you'd have a chance to take a look at these nifty artifacts.

Both maps were drawn in the early- to mid-1850s for then-Secretary of War and future Confederate President Jefferson Davis. The second one was drawn by H. Custer, an Assistant Secretary of the War Department who drew many fine maps of the American West for the US Government during this period.

We've given you a small image showing the map in its entirety, and a larger detail showing the Big Sur Coast and Northern Santa Lucia Mountains area. We've also provided links so you can check out the zoomable, downloadable originals at the American Memory site. Each link will open in a new window.


General map of explorations and surveys in California / made under the direction of Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War by Lieut. R. S. Williamson, Topl. Engr. assisted by Lieut. J. G. Parke, Topl. Engr. and Mr. Isaac Williams Smith, Civ. Engr., 1853.


Click here to see the entire map at the Library of Congress' American Memory site.


From San Francisco Bay to the Plains of Los Angeles : from explorations and surveys / made under the direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis Secretary of War, by Lieut. John G. Parke, Topl. Engrs., assisted by Albert H. Campbell Civil Engineer and N. H. Hutton, H. Custer and G. G. Garner, 1854 & 55; constructed and drawn by H. Custer.


Click here to see the entire map at the Library of Congress' American Memory site.


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