Double Cone Quarterly - Summer Solstice 2002
Journal of the Ventana Wilderness Alliance
Fall Equinox 2002 -- Volume V, Number 3

Far off from here the slender
Flocks of the mountain forest
Move among stems like towers
Of the old redwoods to the stream,
No twig crackling; dip shy
Wild muzzles into the mountain water
Among the dark ferns.
from Night by Robinson Jeffers, 1925

What's In This Issue

Land Status History
of the
Monterey Ranger District

Illustrated with Maps
by David Rogers


Big Sur Region
Earth Sciences

by Robert Zatkin

Placenames of the Northern Santa Lucia
Lottie's Potrero


The Last Word
Trail Signage of Yore

From the Editors

Another summer is gone, and in the northern Santa Lucia the seasons turn once again. Soon the rains will come, perhaps a light dusting of snow on the heights of Pimkolam, and the interior valleys will be havens of face-fly-free solitude once more.

The turning of the seasons brings another change - less momentous, perhaps, less immemorial, but still anticipated by many: another issue of the Double Cone Quarterly. This is the 15th issue of the only online magazine dedicated to this best place in the world, a publication of, by, and for the folks who love the Big Sur Country. It's you, the reader and contributor, that have made the DCQ what it is, and we, the editors, want to take this opportunity to say "thank you" for all your contributions, suggestions, and support over the last four years.

We'd also like to make a special plea for more contributions from our readers. Response to our calls for material have been a little slack lately, and we'd like to start building up a backlog of articles, essays, poems, and art for future issues. We're particularly interested in original art and creative writing, since recent issues have been weighted so strongly toward history and science; but any contributions would be welcome! Take a moment to peruse the Submission Guidelines and browse the articles in previous issues for inspiration, the send that trailside sketch or campfire meditiation in for publication.

enjoy the Season,

The Editors


The Double-Cone Quarterly is published four times a year, on the equinoxes and solstices, by the Ventana Wilderness Alliance and can be obtained free of charge by anyone with an internet connection who steers their browser to:

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Philip Williamson

Co-Editor, Miscellaneous and Sundry:
Boon Hughey

Co-Editor, History & Botany:
David Rogers

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