Double Cone Quarterly - Summer Solstice 2002
Window to the Wilderness

...beyond civilization lies Wilderness, where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.

A preamble on the cover of "A Proposal, Ventana Wilderness,
Los Padres National Forest, California."
USDA Forest Service, 1967.

What's In This Issue

History of the
Monterey Ranger District

Part One of a Series
by David Rogers


Discovering the
South Coast Road

Part One

Wildflowers of Monterey County:
A Field Companion

A Book Review

Past Times
Ventana Power Company

Map Mania!


From the Editors

Partly in response to the recently introduced legislation that may result in the addition of more than 54,000 acres to the Wilderness areas of the Monterey Ranger District, we at the DCQ have decided to initiate a series of articles addressing the history of this division of Los Padres National Forest. The first, the lead article of this edition, delves deeply in to the early history of the Monterey Ranger District, and those that will follow will trace events up to present time.

Other features include an illustrated review of a new and visually stunning book on the wildflowers of Monterey County, a vivid description of the South Coast Ridge Road, and a "Past Times" feature on a dam that was fortunately never built on the Big Sur River. Also featured is another installment of the "Map Mania" series.

So we here at the DCQ hope that the readers will enjoy these features as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. Best reading,

The Editors

June Wildflowers
photo ©2002 by David Jacobs
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