Double Cone Quarterly
Summer Solstice 2002 -- Volume V, Number 2
M A P      M A N I A
by Phil Williamson

Well, the suits up in the penthouse suite at DCQ Towers have sent out a memo complaining that the Map Mania feature has gotten stale, and are hinting that the feature could see its already miniscule budget cut if it doesn't start drawing more responses from the readership. Fearing for our jobs, the staff down here in the basement office of Map Mania have been burning the midnight oil trying to come up with ways to stir up interest among the DCQ's readers. Have puzzles been too hard lately? Too easy? Has the whole thing just gotten old? You gotta let us know!

For now, we've got a new set of challenges which we hope will keep our bosses' ire at bay for another quarter. We've done something a little different with the Map Snippets this time, and the Digital Elevation Model and Aerial Photo are here as usual.

When you've got it all straightened out, send your list of answers via email to The first one to correctly solve all the puzzles will be rewarded with a copy of the Wilderness Handbook, and can expect one of these super-informative booklets in the mailbox shortly after making the competiton cry uncle.

Answers to the Spring Equinox 2002 Map Mania Puzzle:

Snippet 1:
Mount Carmel.
Snippet 2:
Fresno Camp.
Snippet 3:
Ventana Mesa Creek.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM):
Mt Carmel USGS 7.5' Quad.

1. Pine Creek Camp
2. Devils Peak
3. Mount Carmel
Aerial Photo:
1. Stone Ridge.
2. Limekiln Creek.
3. Hare Creek.
A. Rockland Landing.
B. Vicente Flat.



In this issue we're going to do something a little different with our old friends the Snippets. As usual you have three snippets, all at the same scale and with identifying text, if any, removed. But rather than simply have you identify the locations of the snippets, we're asking you this time to locate them on their respective USGS quads and then identify by name the feature located at the bearing and distance indicated from the point on the snippet marked with the red arrow. So for example, for Snippet 1 we're looking for the name of the feature 2.55 miles at bearing South 7° West (i.e. 187°) from the point of the arrow.

Each target location is a feature named on the map, and each target feature is on the same USGS 7.5' quad from which the corresponding snippet was taken.

snip1.jpg SNIPPET 1
S 7° W, 2.55 miles
snip2.jpg SNIPPET 2
N 40° W, 4.0 miles.
snip3.jpg SNIPPET 3
N 80° W, 2.55 miles



Below is a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of part of a USGS 7.5' quad showing a an area lying entirely within the Ventana Wilderness. The view direction is approximately northeast. Identify by name the creeks indicated at the numbered points.




Below is an aerial photograph of a well-known location in the Ventana Wilderness area. Identify by name the named locations (which may me geographic or man-made features) indicated by the red symbols. Section lines have been added to make your task a bit easier. North is at the top of the image.



OK, think you have it all figured out? Email your answers to us at As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions, praise and abuse. Drop us a line.